“Consci8us is a thought-provoking and inspiring performer, who combines a personal and positive message for a powerful show.” 

Sacramento Kings

Vice President of Digital & Content Andrew Nicholson

Consci8us wins The Sammies (a.k.a Sacramento Music Awards)

2019 Sammies Award Winning Artist


Consci8us is the 2019 Champion, he won the Emcee and Hip-Hop/Rap awards for the Sacramento Music Awards. 

The Sammies (a.k.a the Sacramento Music Awards) is like Sacramento's version of the Grammy's.

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Listen to my new single! #BeRealShowLove

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Latest Album, When Purpose Meets Destiny


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FREEDOM (Music Video)

This music video captures Consci8us performing during the 2018 MLK March in front an audience of thousands. 

This march commemorated the 50 Year Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and Consci8us was selected as a contemporary example of leadership.

Come & Holla At Me (Music Video)

"Come & Holla At Me,  was inspired by youth that I worked with in Oak Park since I moved to Sacramento in 2013. I want to show them that, if I did it, they can too. I grew up in Oakland so I know the struggle is real but there is another way! Its starts with #StayingConsci8us"

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Latest News + Press about Consci8us

KRS-One & Consci8us perform @ Sac State!

Could you imagine KRS-One & Consci8us in a cypher performing together??? Well, imagine no more! 

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Consci8us Performs at the President's 2019 Town Hall Address at Sacramento State

"In the midst of all the things we see going on, we see a lot of division,” Consci8us said. “There's a lot of people that represent different perspectives. It's important that we all play our role to be a bridge at the end of the day."

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Student rap artist Consci8us aims to promote change

Consci8us, otherwise known as DeWayne Ewing Jr., is a Sacramento State student and rapper who said his Oakland upbringing led him to become a self-described “conscious rapper.”

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Town hall shifts to address Stephon Clark through performance art

DeWayne Lamont, who goes by the stage name Consci8us, performed two tracks which dealt with subject matter that alluded to many of the questions surrounding Clark’s death.

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#StayingConsci8us is a #SmartMove

Don't be surprised if you see Consci8us doing big things around Sacramento! 

Cosumnes River College (CRC) highlighted him as an Alumnus ambassador for its 2018  #SmartMove campaign. This opportunity landed his face on the side of the bus (see below)

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KRS-One lecture ends with impromptu performance with Consci8us

Following the lecture, Sac State student DeWayne Lamont (a.k.a Consci8us)— who said that KRS-One was a heavy influence on his work as a rapper — asked KRS-One a question about the modern state of hip-hop. The two held an impromptu freestyle session as a crowd surrounded them.

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Making An Impact

Los Rios #SmartMove Campaign

Putting my music, education and job together #SmartMove

Cosumnes River College (CRC) inspired me to be a leader!

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Consci8us Music Catalog

Turn on your speakers. Put on your headphones. Let the music speak to you.

How to Stay Consci8us?

Stay Aware & Stay Woke

Be consci8us of your choices/decisions, practice mindfulness, and seek God's will in your life.

Understand Its Bigger Than You

Understand that life about is seeking our purpose/calling from God, inspiring others and reflecting God's light.

Its bigger than our personal desires.

Listen to #ItsBiggerThanMe

Keep It Solid a.k.a 100

Stay true to God, yourself, your family, and your community. Remain authentic and hold yourself accountable for what you know is right.

There's more to it, but these are some of the basics. #StayConsci8us, always...